MTG's Open Source Technologies


A library for signal analysis.

Scripts to evaluate the robustness of descriptors to different encodings and analysis parameters
C++ library of algorithms to extract features from audio files, including Python bindings.
C++ library to apply similarity measures and classifications on the results of audio analysis, including Python bindings. Together with Essentia it can be used to compute high-level descriptions of music.
Homebrew build scripts for Essentia


Signal analysis on non-western music.

Clean singing voice with no accompaniment. Semiprofessional singers. Semiprofessional quality. Songs from classical turkish makam in şarkı form. Recorded in studios in Istanbul in June 2014. Annotated on word and phoneme level.
The symbTr-scores in pdf format
Turkish Makam Music Symbolic Data Collection
The Dunya music browser
Automatic Phrase Segmentation on symbolic scores for Ottoman-Turkish makam music
Tools to help researchers work with Dunya and CompMusic
The Audio Score Alignment Test dataset for Ottoman-Turkish makam music
A dataset of Turkish makam music to test makam recognition (and tonic identification) methodologies
The section test dataset for classical Ottoman-Turkish makam music
The tonic test datasets for classical Ottoman-Turkish makam music
A dataset of Turkish makam music to test tuning and intonation analysis methodologies


A website for sharing sounds

python client for the freesound API
The website

Education Tools

Tools to help teach MIR

Sound analysis/synthesis tools for music applications


A project to gather features from music

A client to upload data to an acousticbrainz server
Cool hacks using acousticbrainz

Other tools

Tools developed in the MTG

Tools and tutorials for calling C and C++ code from Matlab