Static binaries for command-line extractors for music descriptors

We are now hosting static binaries for a number command-line extractors, originally developed as examples of how Essentia can be used in applications. These tools make it easy to compute some descriptors and store them to a file given an audio file as an input (therefore, called “extractors”) without any need to install Essentia library itself.

In particular these extractors can:

Notably, two extractors, specifically designed for AcousticBrainz and Freesound projects are included. They include large sets of features and are designed for batch processing large amounts of audio files.

See description of the extractors in the official documentation. Specifically, here you will find details about our music extractor.

Current builds are done for our latest version of Essentia 2.1_beta2 (Linux, OSX, and Windows). Download them here:

Of course, you are welcome to submit your own extractors to be included in our future builds.

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