This online book is the main resource for the Tutorial on Computational Methods for Supporting Corpus-Based Research on Indian Art Music, by Thomas Nuttall, Genís Plaja-Roglans, Lara Pearson, Brindha Manickavasakan, Kaustuv Kanti Ganguli, Ajay Srinivasamurthy and Xavier Serra.

Presented at the 23rd edition of the International Society of Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR) 2022, in Bengaluru, India.

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We have set up a Slack channel to coordinate and enhance compiam, but also to have relevant dicussions about the entire topic of this tutorial. Let us know if the invite link does not work and we will invite you personally. Thanks!

What is this tutorial about?#

This tutorial is designed to serve as a starting point for researchers of all levels looking to get started with the computational analysis of Carnatic and Hindustani Music. While reading through this book you should expect to obtain:

  • Basic understanding of Carnatic and Hindustani Music: important concepts and practices.

  • Overview of the computational analysis of the Carnatic and Hindustani traditions: get familiar with relevant tasks and open challenges of the topic, and gain experience with baseline approaches and research trends.

  • Python-based technologies to easily access data and tools for this topic: learn about compiam, the basic usage, and the entire set of options this software offers.

  • Get a starting point from which to start your research on the computational analysis of Indian Art Music: we hope this tutorial provides the background for you to get started with research on this topic.

Let’s get started#

If this tutorial is for you… let’s get started! You can advance in order through the pages of this tutorial using the link in the right and left bottom of the page. Otherwise, use the outline at the left side of the page (if not visible, click on the menu button () to make it appear.

Reference this Book#

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To cite or re-use specific parts of the tutorial please see more information here, and do not hesitate to get in touch.